Teeks X Doug's

Something to Feel — Vintage Collection

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Merchandise Reimagined

To coincide with Teeks' debut album 'Something to Feel', Teeks and I created a merchandise collection using only vintage and dead stock garments, all from the 80's and 90's.

One of a kind

Though there's 100's of pieces, every item is different and can't be reproduced. Each one is embroidered, screen printed, and complete with custom labels and hang tags. Designed by Doug and Te Karehana Gardiner-Toi.

Pushing Boundaries

We wanted to push the boundaries of merchandise. To only create with purpose and intention — to be mindful of our waste, the product and the process.

Better Merchandise

It was important for us to encompass strong meaning, intention and craftsmanship. We wanted this to be an extension of our respective arts — to blur the line between disciplines and further our self expression.

Keeping Papatuānuku Healthy

We focussed on sustainability and detail. By mitigating waste, you're helping keep Papatuānuku healthy. As is our duty as Kaitiaki.

“Ko au te whenua ko te whenua ko au. I am the land and the land is me.”


Teeks X Doug's 'Something to Feel' Vintage Collection