Why Doug's™?

¹ New wave

We're new wave— fresh, approachable and with a distinct focus on quality

² digitising

Simply put, good digitising can mean the difference between average and excellent embroidery. Doug's™ can digitise in-house — giving us full control of the process

³ Harmony — Responsible production

Doug's™ abides by strict production priorities. Everything is always certified and audited for quality, manufacturer responsibility and worker well-being

⁴ Accessibility

Doug's™ is small but fairly priced — we're strong believers in wholesale pricing for everyone

⁵ Collaboration

Trusting your work with someone else is tricky. Just so we're on the same page, we prefer to collaborate each step of the way

⁶ Long-term

For businesses looking to work long-term with Doug's™ — we're always happy to work on pricing and create long-term relationships