Recycled Cotton

What is recycled cotton?

Our Mighty T-shirt is made with recycled cotton — created from pre and post consumer waste. Fabric waste and scraps are collected, sorted and shredded into new fibres.

Better than conventional cotton

Recycled cotton production requires less water, less energy and generates less waste. By choosing recycled cotton, we're reducing the cultivation, consumption and reliance on virgin cotton.

But, 20% recycled?

100% Recycled cotton fibres are shorter, rougher and weaker — making a less durable fabric. By combining recycled cotton and GOTS organic cotton, we're able to achieve a harmonious, smooth finish — ideal for embroidery and print.

GOTS certified organic cotton is not only free from fertilisers, pesticides and insecticides, but commits to better growing practices — ensuring water management and no trace of GMO's.