Doug's is a sustainable embroidery studio, encouraging the world to upgrade our existing clothing - instead of buying brand new.

Doug's was created in mid 2018 as a tool to teach the importance of reusing and up-cycling. We believe in upgrading clothes, rather than buying more. Every year, 85% of used clothing ends up in landfills and less than 1% of clothing is truly recycled. With companies continuing to burn unsold garments, we're focussed on re-earthing & re-discovering our increasingly over filled wardrobes & op shops, in an effort to reuse the resource right in front of us.

As a small and local solution, we're here to be part of the change to repair our fast fashion industry.

Located and made in Auckland, New Zealand, our products are proudly handmade by an extensive production team of one. All our products are made from second-hand clothing, locally sourced materials, organic cotton and tree-derived thread. We're helping plant trees too - right here in the Auckland region.

Read about our ethics here, and how we're planting trees for future generations.

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