Being sustainable is important. All embroidery is done using certified rayon thread, a thread made from wood pulp.

Every year, 85% of used clothing ends up in landfills and less than 1% of clothing is truly recycled. When companies continue to burn excess stock, I'm focussed on using it. See Doug's Blanks.

Patches are stitched on 100% organic cotton. Plus, I'm helping plant trees — locally.  

The certifications:

1. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

GOTS complies that the entire supply chain is organic and sustainable, ensuring social conscience. The patch cotton is certified with the Global Organic Textile Standard.


OEKO-TEX certifies to a sustainable production, recognising the manufacturer as being socially responsible. The patch cotton and rayon thread is certified with OEKO-TEX.

3. Testex

Testex certifies that the thread contains no harmful substances. The rayon thread is certified with Testex.


Production involves products made from biodegradable materials or recycled cotton. Orders are shipped in 100% recycled envelopes or compostable mailers.

The patch packaging is 100% home & commercial compostable.

Find out about how I'm helping plant trees here.