Doug's™️ is Aotearoa's newest embroidery studio — bringing to life eclectic in house brand Doug's™️, as well as manufacturing the finest custom apparel, uniforms and more.

There's a lot of bad products out there, specifically embroidery. I'm doing it better. I'm focussed on getting embroidery perfect. I value high quality, sustainability and a personal approach.

Doug's™️ specialises in custom embroidery, creative direction of textile projects and working with vintage & second hand clothing. I can cater for everyone — from large companies to teeny one off projects. I design the embroidery, then do it myself — controlling every part of the process.

My studio is located in Auckland Central, New Zealand, and everything is proudly designed by an extensive production team of one (me, Doug).

Read about sustainability here.

Contact Doug at hi@dougs.co.nz