No More Microplastic.

Microplastic is in our oceans, freshwater, soil and air. It is estimated that there is 15 and 51 trillion individual pieces of microplastic currently floating about. 


  • Larger plastic chunks break into smaller pieces, creating small microplastic pieces.
  • Facial cleansers, exfoliators, toothpastes, and cosmetics often have small plastic beads, washing directly into our waterways.
  • Synthetic clothing sheds microplastic fibres with every wash - up to 1900 at a time.
  • Car and truck tires, as well as footwear, break down into microplastics, finding their way into every corner.

Be part of the movement that says no more. Support natural textiles, cosmetics and products. Oh, and let's deal with our waste.

A big durable 7cm iron-on patch. Sustainably crafted from organic cotton, rayon thread and love. Designed and made in New Zealand. This patch helps plant trees.