Introducing Doug's iOS Stickers

Introducing Doug's iOS Stickers

By Doug ⚡

Introducing Doug's iOS Stickers

Kia ora my friends,

I hope you are all resting, thriving & keeping safe. This is a difficult time to support local businesses, but send them your love where you can.

I thought now was a good time to release the sticker app I've been working on! So here you go  Doug's Stickers. I've turned some of the most popular patches into stickers. Not only that, I made some exclusive iMessage stickers too. 


• Made in Auckland, New Zealand
• Vegan AND organic
• Made with love

Stickers include:

• Single Use Sucks
• No More Microplastic
• Nice Work!
• Boys Cry
• Wāhine
• Bad Star
• and more!

The exclusive stickers:

• Hi!
• Beer?
• Very Cool
• Thumbs Up

I'll be adding more stickers and surprises as lockdown continues. If you have any sticker ideas, contact me!

Download Doug's Stickers here. Enjoy!

Aroha nui,